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Beyond Our Dreams Academy Curriculum

Houghton Mifflin Pre-K​

Pre-K presents daily Conscious Discipline strategies that help promote positive school climate.

Every aspect of Pre-K was intentionally designed and developed ensuring seamless teaching and learning and Kindergarten readiness.  From instructional Big and Small Books that were written specifically to support Pre-K to the Interactive Pre-K software. 


Pre-K technology resources provide interactive learning and reduce teacher prep time.  Children have an opportunity to interact with interactive software, move and sing with music, and listen to stories being read aloud while teachers have ready access to games, patterns and template for easy and fast classroom prep.


Pre-K offers a fun child centered program where play is a part of every day of instruction. Intentional instruction through fun, playful lessons, high-interest activities, and purposeful literature prepares children for learning development and learning success.



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